Repair and Maintenance

Affordable Roof Repair Service Central Arkansas

Regular roof maintenance is necessary to avoid leaks and premature roof replacement.

Many contractors will turn up their noses at smaller roofing repair jobs, not us. We have done thousands of repairs in every size and shape possible and have the experience necessary to solve your problems. We repair both residential and commercial properties and will never try and sell you a whole new roof unless it is truly necessary.

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What is the Source of Most of Our Roof Repair Work?

Bad Roofers! Mother Natures does her fair share of damage, but poor workmanship from day one is the overwhelming source of our repair business. Who does your job matters!

South Peak Roofing & Construction provides exceptional roof repair in Little Rock, AR and most of the central Arkansas area. If your roof is damaged, old, or has leaks, we would like to help you by fixing your roof to stop further damage that can occur in the attic and interior of your home. Our quality materials and expert roofing professionals will make roof repairs easy.

We have the solution for all roof repairs.

Our standard repair package includes:

  • Thorough roof inspection
  • Inspecting & resealing all flashing
  • Inspecting & repairing all roof penetrations
  • Replacing wind damaged shingles (up to 1 bundle)
  • Inspecting for major damage from hail, debris, etc.

Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is essential to the health of your property. As a result, we recommend a professional inspection for residential & commercial roofing systems twice a year, or after severe weather/storm season.

South Peak Roofing offers customized maintenance packages based on the age, life expectancy, condition and type of roofing to help prevent leaks and premature roof replacement. In most cases, we can extend the life of an existing roof through proper maintenance and advanced roofing technology.

We are ready for all your maintenance needs.

All of our roof maintenance packages include the following:

  • Inspection summary
  • Analysis of the roof condition
  • Digital analysis
  • Detailed report of deficiencies
  • Recommended repairs
  • Estimated costs
  • Roof warranty details